Tara Smith, 34, is a performance artist under the moniker A Silent Soapbox. As an admirer of living statues, she decided to delve into the art form herself in October of 2004 as part of The Dresden Dolls' "brigade" of fans who performed at the band's concerts.

Instantly feeling as though she found her niche, she quickly expanded from concerts to street performance in her hometown of Bridgewater MA to hone her craft. She was drawn to the stoic nature of the art form, the element of surprise when a passerby realizes the statue is actually a person, and exploring ways to connect and communicate with people without using words. During in the summer of 2005, Tara branched out and found her footing as a street performer, bringing her living statue performances to the downtown area of Plymouth MA as well as the Waterfire festivals in Providence RI. She has become well known for her white living statue, Lily, which has been a regular fixture at Waterfire since the character's creation in 2010.

Tara also enjoys more movement-based characters. She has made some spooky appearances as The Raven at various events celebrating the author Edgar Alan Poe, and has been developing a collection of fairy characters for something more light and whimsical.

Outside of her work as a performance artist, Tara is an avid equestrienne and trains horses as her “day job”.

On occasions when the presence of A Silent Soapbox is requested at two different events on the same day, or when multiple characters are requested for the same event, Tara is joined by some of her friends and fellow performers.