about the art

“We’ve seen the characters, but what do you actually DO?”

living statuary is the art of stillness accentuated by moments of movement. a person becomes a magical sculpture, brought to life by human connection.

the focus of a silent soapbox is living statue street performance. when busking in areas with heavy foot traffic, poses are typically held until there is an opportunity for interaction falling into one of two categories:

  • tip-based interactions. when a donation is dropped into the tip jar, the statue comes to life and offers a gesture of acknowledgement and thanks, such as blowing a kiss. if the tipper is a small child, the statue may kneel down to be more on the child’s level and give high-fives. after a brief moment of connection, the statue settles into a new pose.
  • photo-based interactions. when an individual or group stands next to the statue for a photo, the statue will come to life to pose along with them. this often involves some silly antics, such as “leaning” on a person. the statue may also steal a hat, a pair of sunglasses, or some other accessory/prop to pose with for the photo.

in less dense crowds or situations when not working for tips, poses are held until there is an opportunity to catch the eye of a passerby with a subtle wave of the hand or a slow change of pose. performances are so convincing that many people would walk on by without ever realizing the statue is a real person without these little hints!

sometimes, instead of statues, roving characters may be more fitting for certain environments. always silent and ethereal, characters such as the raven can alternate between moments of stillness and wandering through a crowd.